To All Creators

There are thousands of people making videos on YouTube.

There are millions more who don’t. Some are too shy or nervous to speak their minds to a camera. Some just don’t want to do it. Some haven’t even thought about it.

But the truth is that it’s not easy being a YouTuber. I’m not just writing that down here for the sake of it. I tried building a channel. The first video I made, I had a good idea of what I was doing, and what exactly I wanted to say. It took a good 7-8 hours to complete the 3-min video. I uploaded it and added subtitles, so that people who couldn’t understand me could enjoy it as well. The video didn’t do bad, and I started to believe that I too could build a channel. I had never thought that something I had to say would get that much attention from the internet.

So I started to think. Think of ideas, ways to say what I might want to say, the different styles I could try in a video. Once in a while, something material enough would float through my mind, but I couldn’t build on it enough to see it possibly turning into an entire video. After a few days, I made and uploaded another video. Although I was satisfied with my editing and music selection, I felt the shots I’d shot weren’t good enough.

That’s when I started to doubt myself. After that, I just couldn’t get a good enough idea for a video. Boy, is it tough to think up something new every few days. When I’m sitting in my room, binge-watching YouTube, I really don’t think about how large an effort actually goes into making a video that the owner was satisfied with enough to put it up. It’s really difficult to make a video that you’re 100% happy with.

Oftentimes, so many people undermine the work that YouTubers do and the trouble they go through to give us – the rest of the world – entertainment for a few minutes. They leave terrible comments, degrading the owner (haters). I think it’s really cruel of people to do so. If you don’t like the content someone makes, you don’t need to let them know how dissatisfied you are with their work.

Nonetheless, so many YouTubers out there are still making videos. Actually, this could be extended to any form or art or entertainment. People still do what they do regardless of the haters. This must mean that the positive vibes they get from people exposed to their art still surpasses the negative. I suppose this means that humanity is not entirely doomed as of today.

If you are a creator, an artist, please continue doing what you do. The world would be a very dark place without you


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